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The Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is important to people of all ages particularly those with illnesses, injuries or medical conditions which limit their normal ability to function or move. Tailor-made physical therapy programs are necessary for returning individuals to the past level of functioning while encouraging them to adapt healthy lifestyle changes and activities key to preventing further injury and improving their overall well-being and health. Most primary care doctors recommend physical therapy to patients at the onset of problems as it is considered a conservative method of dealing with problems. If you have ever wondered why physical therapy is important, below are some reasons why it is beneficial.

Physical therapy aids in reducing or eliminating pain. Through Treatments such as electrical stimulation, taping and ultrasound, manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises like joint and soft tissue mobilisation, muscle and joint functionality can be restored to significantly reduce pain.

Physical therapy is a very effective way of avoiding surgery. Surgery may not be necessary if your injury gets healed or pain is completely eliminated through physical therapy. Even if surgery may be required, physical therapy may provide plenty of pre-surgery benefits. People that go into surgery stronger often recover much faster afterwards.

Mobility can be greatly improved through physical therapy. If you have a hard time standing, moving or walking, physical therapy can be of great benefit regardless of your age. Through stretching and strengthening exercises, the ability to move gets restored. Physical therapists can assess patients for orthotic prescriptions or properly fit them with assistive devices like crutches or canes. Through customised individual care plans, any activities necessary in a patient’s life can be adapted and practiced to maximise their performance and safety.

Physical therapy is crucial for recovering or preventing sports related injuries. Physical therapists know that different sports present different risks of getting different injuries e.g. stress fractures in distance runners. Therefore, physical therapists are capable of designing suitable recovery or prevention exercise programs to ensure safe returns to sports.

More often than not, people lose functionality and the ability to move to some extent after suffering a stroke. Physical therapy is pivotal for strengthening weakened body parts, improving gait and balance. Stroke Patients can also improve their ability to move around in bed and transfer to ensure greater independence at home and reduce burdens such as dressing, bathing and toileting.

Aged people especially have a greater risk of developing osteoporosis, arthritis or requiring a joint replacement. Physical therapy is essential for recovering from joint replacement and also conservatively managing conditions such as osteoporosis or arthritis.

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