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Becoming Shareholders Of A Company Through Stock Certificates

Everyone is determined to make money for their upkeep in various ways through investing and getting hired for some jobs. Most people earn a living through common ways such as working for companies or other manual jobs but there are other ways to make money. Shareholders are provided with stock certificate to prove their ownership of part of a public company. By giving a chance to interested investors to have a fraction of the company, the company can get more funds to improve its service provision and expand. When one buys shares from the company, they are provided with stock certificates making them eligible for a share of profits made by the company in the future. It can prove to be really wise to get shares since it can happen that the firm becomes successful leading to more dividend for the investors.

Stock certificates in previous times were given as some specially designed papers to the shareholders. Such details as the date of issue, name of shareholder and others were included in these certificates to make them different. To prevent cases of forgery, the document included seals, watermarks and some signatures that were hard to replicate. To ensure that only legitimate shareholders were given their dividend, the certificate had to be checked for authenticity. Time has changed and as such these certificates are being given in digital form rather than the previous hard copies.

The company is responsible of maintaining these documents and they record all transactions for all clients in digital forms. A lot of tedious work has been got rid of by the digital forms since no printing or filing is required unlike in past times. However, companies are obligated to give paper forms of the certificate to shareholders if they request for such. If one chooses to be provided with paper forms, they can not use the digital forms from then unless they shift to digital again. One can seek the help of brokers to have them contact a company and have them produces a certificate for the client.

Transactions between a company and their shareholders can be carried out by the brokers who become intermediaries between them. The shareholder can also get the stock form by requesting the company for it directly without using middlemen or brokers. Transfer agents which are institutions like banks can also be used as intermediaries between clients and the companies to acquire the stock form. The process of managing stocks is easier nowadays due to their availability online making them accessible at all times from anywhere. A a client should counter check prices charged by various brokers before hiring them to get the fairest charging brokers.