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How Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises Can Help One Achieve Fitness

Aerobic exercises are those exercises that make use of oxygen and the oxygen is pumped to the muscles performing the work. They are involved in the stimulation of the heart and breathing rate to increase so that they can be sustenance during the exercise.

High intensity levels of aerobic exercises means that there is a limited amount of oxygen available to be pumped in muscles and thus with the exercise changes to being anaerobic. Aerobic exercises are of important meaning in one’s body as they ensure that the body is kept fit and is able to perform many of its functions as required.

The aerobic exercises plays a big role in ensuring that the risk of hypertension in peoples body is lowered and this is so by reducing the pressure of blood. Aerobic exercises are used in stimulating the release of the hormone responsible for control of blood sugar level in a human body and are important in ensuring that only the amount required is released.

Performing some activities like jogging means a lot to one’s health and life at large as the risk and symptoms of chronic diseases like asthma are reduced by a big margin. Aerobic exercises aids in sleep and one cannot struggle since they are tired and their body feels relaxed.

They also help in ensuring that one maintains a normal weight and the immune system is also strengthened. Aerobic exercises improve the way in which one’s brains functions and thus they are able to think and process information at a faster rate and also be less vulnerable to diseases like heart attack. The heart gets stronger and as it gets stronger it pumps more blood with each beat it. Aerobic exercises ensure that the number of mitochondria produced in the body is enough to provide the amount of energy required by the body. Aerobic exercises make use of energy.

These exercises are usually intense and oxygen is not involved during the process. The amount of oxygen demanded by the body is usually high than the amount of oxygen supplied and therefore this means that there’s a deficiency in oxygen in the body in anaerobic exercises.

Anaerobic exercises are used in the promotion of the speed, strength, and power of athletes. Anaerobic exercises are very important in human life since they help strengthen bones, build the body and also ensure that the muscles are built. Anaerobic exercises also help in fat loss which is always a big threat to people’s lives and ensure that the risk broke bones is reduced due to the strengthening feature.

For one to undergo anaerobic exercises, he/she must have been prepared to do so both mentally and physically.

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