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Tips for Choosing the Best Umbrella Stand for Your Needs

Umbrella stands have graced many homes and public places entrances for many generations. Apart from offering a convenient place for keeping wet umbrellas, these items also help in ensuring that the floor remains dry in order to reduce slip and fall accidents. For these same purposes, buckets and milking cans have also been used in many homes even though they do not create a good impression. Below are some guidelines to help you pick the best umbrella stand for your needs.

How heavy you want your umbrella stand to be is the first thing you need to consider. How the best umbrella stand or base weighs depends on how big or small your umbrella is. It is advisable to choose a heavier stand if your umbrella is large or if you intend to use it in an area that experiences high winds. Depending on how large your umbrella is, that is generally how heavier the stand you choose should be.

Second, you need to consider whether your umbrella pole will fit in the base. Umbrella sleeve or neck diameters are available in plenty. Hence when choosing the best umbrella stand, you need to find out the precise diameter of the center pole of your umbrella. If an umbrella pole is smaller, it can be supported by umbrella stand sleeve or neck diameters that are a little bit larger than the umbrella pole’s diameter. Finding an umbrella stand that perfectly fits your umbrella pole is possible through many places.

It is also important to determine if you want your umbrella stand to be mounted. The best option for you might be a mounted umbrella stand depending on the size or application of your umbrella. This is because they offer stability and heavy-duty support for the umbrella regardless of the size of the canopy. The two methods of installing an umbrella stand are surface or in-ground. For large umbrellas, surface mount stands are the best if your umbrella is used in high traffic or substantial wind areas. In the ground mount umbrella stand, on the other hand, provides a permanent solution for attaching your umbrella.

Determining if you will need to add weight to the umbrella stand is also very important. Depending on the stand you choose, you might have to add weight. Some of the umbrellas stand to be filled with sand, gravel, or concrete, which is why this is necessary. Even though pre-filled umbrella stands are a better option, it is more expensive to ship them because they are heavier. Since shell umbrella stands are lightweight, they are therefore a cheaper alternative. You only need to fill your umbrella stand, which is very easy.

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