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How To Establish That One Has A Heart Attack

Most people also refer heart attack as myocardial infarction, it mostly occurs whenever your flow of blood to your heart is blocked such that only a limited amount or not blood reaches your heart in a given time. There are many causes of interruption of blood flow the main reason, however, is the blockage of one’s coronary artery, this is the prime cause of heart attack to many people around the world. When plaques break away, they form blood clots which when in multiple or in large sizes interferes with the appropriate flowing of blood to the heart and consequently creates heart attack. There are many factors that may make one be bound to suffering a heart attack and related challenges but the common ones are age as well as family’s history about heart attacks where if there are cases where other family members are prone to have heart attacks then their siblings and following generations might be venerable for the same condition. The following are some of the signs that will help you know that a person is suffering from a heart attack.

Chest Discomfort

When one suffers from heart attack, chest pains and chest discomforts are most often signs noticed. There have been reports that patients suffering heart attacks mostly have an intense pain at the center of the chest, but the pain may be different though from one person to another. These chest pains associated with heart attacks have been reported by patients suffering from heart attacks that they irritate for some few minutes then goes and they may later return and this time round more intense and irritating. There are cases where people affected by heart attacks experience a certain sense of uncomfortable pressure as well as squeezing inside the chest, some are also heard complaining about suffering from a certain feeling of fullness inside their chest cavity.

Challenges In Breathing

There are many conditions that are associated with shortness of breath, however, in cases of heart attack, short breath is accompanied with typical pains in one’s chest as well as fatigue in case of women. The prime purpose of a heart is to pump the blood and circulate it all over the body to transport necessities of tissues as well as organs, one of those organs that need blood supply is the lungs and therefore that means in cases where the blood clots and those blood clots clog arteries interrupting with blood circulation that then results in difficulties in breathing.

Feeling Dizzy

Light headaches is also one of the symptoms of heart attack, the women mostly experience it, so learn tips on how to use an aed. It is always substantially essential to seek medical advice in time in case the of the above signs